12 Things Spock Would Say About Marketing Strategies

Everyone expounds about the virtues of marketing strategies and what makes one strategy better than another and what a good strategy should include. Have you ever wondered what Spock would say? Here’s what I think…

Change is the essential process of all existence

Markets change and your marketing strategy should change with it. Static marketing strategies are going to work for a while, until the things that made them great are no longer relevant. It is vital to keep up with the trending topics and habits of your target market.

For example, people have become more health conscious. Alcoholic drinks are being presented in the general media as being not very good for you. So, any marketing strategies that still portray these drinks as the “in thing” are not going to do as well as those who highlight the healthy ingredients and the efforts the manufacturer is making to create a healthier alcoholic drink.

In critical moments men sometimes see exactly what they wish to see

Marketing strategies are all about hitting the right person at the right time. The clever use of language and imagery will make it possible for each person who is in the right time to see what they need to see to convince them that the purchase is the right thing to do.

Most illogical

Sometimes a tactic used in marketing strategies will not seem logical. This argument is often encountered when a strategist is trying to convince a client to make use of things like Google Adwords. It seems to be illogical to the client because they “never click on those ads”. What the client may be forgetting is that they are not always looking to buy but the marketing strategy is aimed at those who are looking to buy.

Captain, you almost make me believe in luck

A truly excellent strategy is not always obvious from the beginning. When marketing strategies are compiled by people who know what they are doing and have the confidence to pull it off it can look like luck. It’s not.

Loss of life is to be mourned, but only if the life was wasted

Substitute the word life with money, and Spock is dead on. Yes, it is sad to lose money, but only if that money was wasted. You need to have the courage to spend money on marketing strategies. In the long run you will make money. You need to spend a little, find the avenues that work best and spend more on those. The income will soon outweigh the expense.

Without followers, evil cannot spread

This one applies to social marketing. Marketing strategies that target social media must also consider the number of followers that the brand or product has. The more followers, the more success and spread you are going to see.

History is replete with turning points. You must have faith that the universe will unfold as it should

Certain aspects of marketing strategies, like search engine optimisation, take time to show their effects. Assuming you have engaged a strategist and team who know what they are doing, you need to have a little faith and go the distance with them.

It is the lot of man to strive no matter how content he is

Your marketing strategies should always be striving to get more business, more leads, more brand recognition. The more the merrier is very true for business. A business cannot grow if the income stream does not grow and flow with regularity. If your marketing strategist becomes content with what they are getting for your business, they are not doing their job.

There is no reason that function should not be beautiful – in fact beauty usually makes it more effective

A truly well-crafted marketing strategy is a beautiful thing to behold. Each of the different components will have a place and a purpose and will bolster the efforts of each of the other components. They will flow into one another and have a harmony that can only result in success for your business.

Creativity is necessary for the health of the body

The team that works on and creates effective marketing strategies will be creative. There will be graphic designers, content writers, statisticians, analysts and developers. Each of these parts must be able to think creatively and come up with inspired solutions to each problem they encounter – because they will encounter problems.

Insufficient facts always invite danger

It is impossible to be truly effective if you do not have all the information available to you. Marketing strategies must have access to as much information and data as you can give them. This means giving access to your website statistics, sales metrics and conversion data. Refusing to present this information to the strategist is tantamount to handcuffing them and expecting them to do a cartwheel. At best you will get a marketing strategy that will yield some results. At worst, you will waste your money and get no leads or sales.

Where there is no emotion, there is no motive for violence

Advertisements always play on your emotions. People are more often driven by emotion than logic, unlike Vulcans. Remember this when you are looking at your advertisement wording and graphics. They should pull at some emotion or other. They should make you look twice and make you want to know more. If they are bland and do not stir something inside you, then they will not be as effective as they could be.

Spock is a truly wise half-Vulcan with insight into the human psyche that a human, overrun with emotion, could never achieve. This being said, I doubt he would be capable of creating a truly great marketing strategy… 

May your business live long and prosper.