Some Nifty Facebook Advertising Tricks

When you set up a Facebook Advertising campaign, it is extremely important to target just the right audience. And targeting is something that Facebook does very well.


Where the Best SEO Firms are Headed in the Next Five Years?

Taking a look back to when I first started in the SEO game, a lot has changed. There are tactics that were extremely successful that are now guaranteed to get your site deindexed. So, what should the best SEO firms be looking at focussing on in the next five years?


Are You being Charged a Competitive Rate for Your SEO?

As with many things, SEO services are offered at a wide range of rates. Some SEO’s offer set packages, some offer bespoke solutions, some do both.


Why Cheap SEO Packages Are Like a Cinnabon

Cinnabons are possibly the most tempting treat that can be made in an oven. Moist, spiced sweet dough with a delicious chocolate (or whatever you prefer). There is nothing better. Until you look a little more closely at that sweet treat. The same goes for cheap SEO packages.


Are You Making These PPC Campaign Errors?

PPC campaigns are a vital part of a company’s digital marketing campaign. The thing is – they must be handled carefully otherwise you can end up spending a lot of money with very little return on investment.


The Dummies Guide to "Article Writers Wanted"

Writing content is a daunting task for those who feel that they are not good with words or those who do not have the time to spend. Your time may be better spent closing sales and reaching out to potential resellers. Whatever the reason, you have decided to place an "article writers wanted" advert. This is the guide to helping you find the best article writer you could possibly want.


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