Google Chrome HTTPS Deadline

If you are in internet marketing you know that Google added SSL as a ranking factor quite some time ago. There were rumours and then confirmation that the Google Chrome internet browser was going to start warning users of sites that did not use SSL. Well, it is now happening!

Google has officially announced that they will be upgrading Google Chrome to obviously warn website users of a lack of an SSL certificate in July this year. Do you think that this won’t impact you? Think again…

Statistics show that more than half the internet users in the world use Chrome. Naturally, some countries use it more than others – but every country uses it at least a little. Just take a look at your traffic statistics. Odds are you are getting quite a bit of traffic that is using Google Chrome to view your content.

Make sure that your hosting provider or website developer upgrades your site to have that all important SSL certificate.

If you want more information about this update, read the Google Announcement on the Google blog.