One More Device Web Developers Will Need to Consider

As technology advances, virtual reality headsets are becoming more and more popular. At the moment, these headsets are able to access the web on closed, device specific platforms. Mozilla Firefox is bent on changing this.

They are developing a browser that will work on many different headsets and devices.

This is great. Of course, I think that this is a precursor to a change in web development.

Virtual reality or augmented reality devices are going to become more popular. They are going to become more accessible. Perhaps they will one day replace laptops and desktops and even cell phones.

This means that more people will begin accessing websites via these devices. So web developers should probably start thinking about how their websites will work on devices like these. Perhaps we should start looking at immersive websites that are truly interactive rather than just flashy animations that happen on scroll or click events.

Think websites that surround you and let you explore their information as if it were a world rather than just a collection of web pages. Think “Ready Player One” – for your business website.

I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with web development in the years to come as virtual reality takes its place alongside mobile devices and laptops.

Read about the new Firefox browser by Sean White on the Mozilla Blog