Some Mobile Marketing Statistics

Some people think that optimising their sites and marketing campaigns for mobile is a pointless activity. Richard Cummings, and the rest of the marketing community disagree. Here are some mobile marketing statistics that will change your mind.

A badly optimised site will lose 61% of mobile visitors

If your site is no good on a mobile device, people will not go back. And 40% of those who disregard your site will go to a competitor’s website.

80% of people use the internet on their phones

So you thought that not many people used their phones for surfing the net? Wrong!

Email is more often read on mobile than desktop

Maybe you thought that your email campaign was safe from the ravages of mobile device fall off. Not the case any more. A little more than half the population is using their mobile phone for reading emails.

Mobile is faster – action within an hour

It seems that when someone is using their phone to find a product or service, they need that product or service right now.

People actually do buy on mobile

Amazon has released that 70% of their holiday customers shopped on their mobile device.

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