The Biggest Problems with Increasing Search Engine Rankings and How You Can Fix Them

The most commonly given advice a business will receive when coming up with its online marketing strategy is to increase search engine rankings. Ranking highly in search engine results pages has immense advantages but as many businesses are finding out, it is no mean feat.

Here are 4 of the biggest problems that you will encounter with increasing your search engine rankings and possible ways to fix them.

It is time-consuming

A lot of research goes into finding appropriate and popular keywords that will increase search engine rankings. You will need to try out different keywords, long-tail keywords, and location-based keywords to gauge their popularity.

Once you have found the right keywords, it is now time to create engaging and diverse content based on these keywords. Finally, you need to promote your content on various social platforms in order to attract an audience.

The process is time-consuming and, as a business, you do not have the time, resources and, in a lot of cases, the necessary skills to keep doing this on a regular basis. It takes away the time you would spend handling other aspects of your business, like closing sales and doing the work your clients employ you to do.

Additionally, with search engine ranking, the job is never done. You need to continuously analyse your keywords performance, drop keywords that do not attract a lot of traffic and come up with new keywords.

How do you fix this? One of the best ways to handle this problem is by outsourcing to a reputable digital marketing company who will handle all your digital marketing strategies from coming up with appropriate keywords to promoting your content online and analysing performance.


A very competitive niche makes it even harder for you to increase search engine rankings since you are all targeting a specific audience and the key phrases they use in their typical search patterns. You will need to work harder to generate a lot of high-quality content and backlinks if you are to outrank your competitors and this takes a lot of time.

Even if you are not in a very competitive environment you should know that your competitors are still working hard to outrank you and they constantly visit your site to check out (and copy) what you are doing and look for gaps in your strategy which they can use to their advantage - hence the reason they are called competitors.

Here is where a digital marketing company comes in. They will employ different strategies to increase search engine rankings. Normally, the company will measure your performance against your competitors; identify gaps in your site and help you seal these gaps. They will also identify gaps in your competitors’ sites that you capitalise on and rank higher.

Transient Rankings

Search engine rankings can be extremely unpredictable. One day you are could be ranked on the first page of the search engine results pages for a particular phrase and the next you are suddenly on the third page. Transient and fluctuating rankings happen all the time and are the result of many factor,s from changes in Google algorithms to broken links and other problems within your site as well as competitors upgrading their strategies.

As a business transient rankings do not help your business much and it is important for you to stay on top of your online strategy and consistently monitor your site’s performance and responsiveness. This can only be accomplished by having a dedicated expert monitoring your rankings and acting to keep your site ranking on the first page.

Influx of sales

You must be wondering how an influx in sales can be a problem.

Well, when you increase search engine rankings, your business can grow a too much too quickly. Naturally, you will want to close all the deals and make more money, but this can become overwhelming if you do not have sufficient resources to handle the incoming orders. You will then end up with disappointed customers who will post negative reviews about your company which will then affect your business adversely.

Solution? Have an extra pair of hands that can provide temporary support during periods of unexpectedly high growth. You can also automate your systems to increase efficiency.

There are many hurdles to overcome when you want to increase search engine ranking but this should not deter you since the benefits that come with high ranking far outweigh the challenges. Outsourcing your needs to a digital marketing expert can relieve you of the pressure of doing everything yourself.