Those Delicate Little Flowers – Not

Some people find dealing with creatives like web developers and web designers incredibly difficult. They are afraid of insulting and of the creative getting defensive. Maybe we all need to just grow up a little and say what we mean rather than coat everything in tidy little euphemisms that get nothing done and benefit no one.

Some of the things we say when we mean something totally different

"Let’s look at it on Monday first thing in the morning with fresh eyes."

"I like where you’re going, but I also wonder if we should explore…"

"What we’re showing here is just a high-level overview of what we’ve been exploring in the last two weeks, of course this will keep evolving."

"We’ve run some informal user testing sessions here in the office, and found people were having a hard time identifying with what was on the screen."

"I hear what you are saying. We can definitely explore your suggestion as we refine the designs."

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