Warning: You are Losing Money by Not Using the Best Search Engine Optimisation Company

If you have a website, you have received those emails claiming to have examined your website and found it to be lacking in the SEO sphere. You may even have been tempted to reply asking for elaboration or even help. Be warned: if you are not using the best search engine optimisation company you can find you are going to lose money on this particular investment.

The thing is – the best search engine optimisation company is different for each individual company. A large corporate may find that an agency with dozens of content writers and analytics experts offers the best value for money and the best results. A smaller company may find that the best fit is a small company where they get individualised attention from a small team of experienced professionals. Whatever your best fit profile, it is imperative that you get the best search engine optimisation company to coordinate and execute your SEO efforts.

What do the best have that the rest don’t?

The best search engine optimisation company is the one that gets results, time and time again. That is the bottom line.

It does not matter if those results are gained by a large team or a single individual. What matters is that the results earn you money.

How can you tell the best from the rest?

You will know that you are dealing with the best search engine company when you ask for proof of their abilities and they can show you definitive reports that indicate not only an increase in organic rankings, but also an increase in traffic and conversions, whatever format those conversions may take.

The best will make recommendations regarding the layout and look of your website. They will do an analysis of the site and ensure that you are actually doing things the right way from a technical perspective as well as from a user experience perspective. They will look at your content and make or recommend changes so that you can get the best possible return on investment

Those companies that are actually just a waste of time and money will likely claim confidentiality clauses preventing them from showing you any reports. If they do show you reports, they will likely show tiny increases in traffic and first place rankings for very specific search phrases. The changes that they recommend making will be small and will be unlikely to encompass anything to do with the layout of your site or anything technical in nature.

How will the rest lose you money?

The loss of money you will experience if you are not using the best search engine optimisation company is two-fold.

You will lose your initial investment simply because you will not see the results that you expect. True – your rankings may increase, but your traffic and the number of conversions you see through your website will not change much at all. This means that there is absolutely no return on investment for you.

You will lose out on the potential traffic the best search engine optimisation company could have got for you. Traffic is not just eyes on your website pages. It is potential clients arriving on your website primed and ready to buy.

It is true, the best search engine optimisation company may cost a little more. The return on investment that you get will be well worth the extra cost.