What Will an Internet Advertising Company Be Like in 100 Years

I like to think that 100 years from now internet advertising will still be around, just a little more sophisticated and intrusive. Take a futuristic trip with me and let us explore the inner workings of my mind.

Today’s technology is moving so fast that it boggles our minds, now imagine what that will be like in one hundred years. Artificial intelligence in the workspace will have taken over from humans and any internet advertising company that wants to survive will have re-invented itself around AI.

By the way, what will humans be engaged in now that machines are be in charge of the heavy stuff? I am not sure… perhaps they will be mining diamonds on Neptune and Uranus, putting up homes and greenhouses on the moon and exploring other galaxies. (A hundred years is a long time).

Now about the re-invention of internet advertising companies, let’s see what they will possibly be working on doing better and differently.

Pre-emptive and targeted advertising

This title does not do justice to what I think they will be doing but anyway, everything and everyone will be connected. Precise patterns for all facets of typical human behaviour will have been established in such a way that internet advertising companies will be using AI to accurately pre-empt your needs and show you all possible solutions before you even realise that you are looking for a solution to a problem that is going to exist. In fact, you may even start to rely on advertising to tell what is going to happen in your life tomorrow instead of leaving it all to chance!

For example, if Peter and Mary got married today, AI will pre-empt the exact date Mary will get pregnant (and share multivitamins ads with her), identify the gender of the baby (and direct Mary to the right baby stores) and know the exact date she will have her baby – again share best hospitals for baby delivery. Spooky, right!

Bot support

Internet advertising companies will compete to have their bots installed in homes, cars, offices and all the other places where people gather. Do you need to find something? Voice commands to your bot will be enough for it to provide all possible solutions, as long as the particular provider mentioned has paid that particular advertising company to be featured in their search results, and use world-available data to recommend the best. They will be taking Siri and her cohorts to a totally different level, you may never have to type in a search again. AI will use data to refine a search and give you the best solution. If you are happy with the service you received, your bot will leave a positive review.

Good old fashioned ads will still be in use


I am guessing that even a hundred years from now people around the world will still not all be on the same page. Let’s not forget those who will be averse to AI and want to live in what remains of the back country with no internet, electricity and running water. So how will an internet advertising company reach them? It is likely that some good old fashioned advertising will still be in play. The pamphlet will never die. In fact, the pamphlet will probably become something of an extravagance used only by those companies trying to reach a very niche market – the backwoodsman…

We can only imagine what things will be like in a hundred years but whichever way it goes, we are sure that the internet advertising companies of the time will do what needs to be done and we will never be totally free of advertising.