Which Content Management System Is the Best?

Clients like to have control over the content of their websites. This is why most websites are built on some kind of content management system. Each web developer will have a preference. Some clients will have a preference. But which one is the best?


This content management system is certainly one of the most popular. Many people already know how to work in WordPress and manage their content. Of course, this also means that it has some disadvantages – like security. Hackers love WordPress and find ways around the updates fairly quickly.


This on is pretty popular. Far less common than WordPress but also far more adaptable. Just like WordPress there are a lot of plugins and extensions for Joomla. It can get rather difficult for non-developers to maintain though.


A little more old school. It is definitely less mainstream than something like WordPress. But it still does the job.

Of course, there are other content managements systems – but these are the most popular. So let’s stop there.

For a more in depth analysis of these three content management systems, read the article on Nelio by David Aguilera.