Why Cheap SEO Packages Are Like a Cinnabon

Cinnabons are possibly the most tempting treat that can be made in an oven. Moist, spiced sweet dough with a delicious chocolate (or whatever you prefer). There is nothing better. Until you look a little more closely at that sweet treat. The same goes for cheap SEO packages.

Cinnabons are tempting because the taste so very good. They just hit that sweet craving spot that we all suffer from on occasion. The problem is they are full of sugar and are really not good for your diet. A moment on the lips (and a Cinnabon really does last only a moment), a lifetime on the hips – as the saying goes.

Cheap SEO packages are the Cinnabons of the online marketing world. They seem like such a treat. The expertise and benefits of a great SEO package at a fraction of the price most agencies charge. But they are packed full of sugar – items that seem sweet but actually do nothing for your website or website traffic.


A single classic Cinnabon contains an average of 880 calories. That is two to three hours of aerobic exercise to burn off.

Cheap SEO packages pile on the calories in the form of automated link building. It may only take them a few minutes to build a thousand links, but it will take you weeks to detect and try to remove those links when they eventually (and inevitably) start to damage your Google natural ranking.


A classic Cinnabon contains roughly 58g sugar – that is about 22% of its total weight. This sugar that taste so good and looks so wonderful when it comes in the format of a chocolate or caramel sauce dripping down the sides of your treat.

The cheap SEO package equivalent is that every emphasised search engine submission. It looks great and sounds amazing, but it does nothing for your website. Submitting your website URL to hundreds of search engines does only one thing, it increases the amount of bot traffic your site gets using bandwidth that would be better saved for real visitors that may actually buy something from your site.


The classic Cinnabon only contains 820mg of sodium. But even a little salt goes a long way when you consider that your recommended daily allowance is 2300mg.

Something that cheap SEO packages are great at doing is rubbing just a little salt in the wound. They will want to change your content. They will want to edit your meta tags. Of course, done correctly, this is something that you definitely want to do – you have to have some salt in your diet to stay healthy. It is the fact that you will likely end up with grammatically incorrect and irrelevant meta tags that is the problem. Your meta tags are the first impression that you make on potential clients. You want to make sure that they are catchy and accurate so that potential visitors become visitors.


Your classic Cinnabon contains around 127g of carbohydrates. That’s almost half the Cinnabon! Of course, carbohydrates in the correct form are not that bad. Your body does need carbs to generate energy. But Cinnabons are made with white flour, none of that healthy whole wheat stuff. These are processed carbs we’re talking about here.

A big portion of the work that cheap SEO packages claim to do is keyword research. Naturally, you need to know what your potential clients are searching for if you want to get their attention. The problem is that the cheap SEO packages will get results because they offer you a highly processed list of keywords to target. They have chosen the ones that are easiest to boost but they are not necessarily the ones that are going to bring in the right traffic and make the sales.

So you see, cheap SEO packages really are just like Cinnabons – they look great, and in the moment, the taste great. The aftereffects are far reaching and take a lot of effort to counteract.

Rather opt for something a little healthier. You won’t regret it.