Why the World Would End Without the Web Design Company

If you take a look at websites like Quora.com and various other question and answer platforms you will see a number of questions related to whether or not the web design company has a future or not. The reason for this kind of speculation is due to the number of cheap and easy website building platforms like Wix and WordPress.com that are available to the man on the street. These platforms give the impression that you do not need a web design company to build a company website.

They are wrong!

The world still very much needs, and will continue to need, the web design company. Here’s why.


Web design is not just about throwing a few widgets into a template and calling it a website. It is a carefully thought out process. Each button, colour and font is agonised over and carefully considered. The graphic designers study for years and are only considered to be worth their salt after 3 years of work experience. You simply cannot get this level of expertise if you make use of an automated platform.

You, as a non-designer, cannot know the full impact of that dancing cat in the corner of your website or how annoying that pop-up prompting people to sign up to your newsletter is. As a team who has designed and built hundreds of websites and analysed the traffic patterns of those websites, a web design company knows what will happen if you employ these “cute” or invasive elements.

No one person can be an expert at everything and a web design company has the budget and the reason to hire experts in each field of website design and development.


It takes a lot of time to design and build a truly great website that will stand the test of time. At least until it is time for an upgrade in 5 years’ time…

Even the most basic of websites can take as long as 3 months to come to completion and go live. Do you really have the time to spend on your website when you also need to be running your business and actually making money?

Yes, you could throw together a website on Wix in about 3 hours, but will it really be the best website? Will the content that you have written give the best impact and highlight the best areas of your business?

A web design company can put a team of expert content writers onto your website and ensure that the content is grammatically correct, impactful and does not have any typos in it. Nothing is more off-putting to a potential client than content littered with typos – it gives an impression of being unprofessional.

Putting a good website together takes time that you will not have, especially if you want something that is unique and really good looking.


For the most part, a small business will not need much when it comes to a website. But what if you want to change the layout of the template that you like? Or if you want to add a functionality that does not already exist on the platform you have chosen. Without a web design company you are going to be pretty stuck.

The average web design company will be able to work in a number of different systems and code in a range of languages and they will be able to create the customisations that you want and that will make your website stand out from the crowd.

Aside from functionality, what about the look and feel of your website? The templates used by Wix and WordPress are used dozens of times over by people all over the world. The end result is hundreds of websites that all look nearly identical because they have used the same template. If you really want to stand out you need something that has been designed with your company and your brand in mind.

Why would the world end without the web design company?

To be honest, it probably wouldn’t, but the internet would become a far less interesting place and the various app stores would be pretty empty. No Angry Birds, no Tetris, no YouTube, no Facebook…

Maybe you don’t need a web design company to put your company website together for you. Maybe you are happy with the website builders – for now. Do your company a favour and get a customised website built as soon as you can afford it.