Why Would One Company Offer So Much?

When you first land on our website, one of the first things you will notice is that we offer a wide range of services. From website design and development to training and advertising. There are a few reasons why we offer you everything you could possibly need to get a good return on investment on your website.

One point of contact

As a business owner your time is limited and precious to you. Trying to keep track of multiple campaign and various account manager at different agencies is time consuming and can become really confusing. A single point of contact also means that one person knows what is happening with each aspect of your marketing campaign at any point in time. You do not need to chase down information from a dozen different sources, one email is enough.

One plan

Collaboration can be difficult since different agencies will have different techniques and strategies. A single plan means that everything can be coordinated and executed at the right time. This is especially important with campaigns that are time sensitive – advertising a special or a sale for example.

No conflict

When you have different agencies working on your internet marketing strategy conflict can happen. Each agency will have their own way of doing things and the odds are good that somewhere along the line the different strategies will conflict with each other.

When you are building and then marketing a website you need to feel confident that you are going to have your plan executed properly and effectively. The more companies you have working on it the higher the chances are that somewhere someone is going to fall short or a miscommunication will cause problems. It just makes everything so much easier when everything is being done by one company and handled by one account manager.

That being said, collaboration is sometimes necessary and can even be desirable if another company specialises in a particular aspect or has been working with you for a while already. A company that is not willing to work with others is generally not going to be a good fit.