Why Would You Want to Learn How to Make a Website?

Pretty much every website design and development agency would tell you not to bother to learn how to make a website. They tell you this for a number of reasons, the main one being that it is actually a pretty complicated topic – especially if you are looking for a bespoke website. The truth is, you would probably be better off if you did learn how to make a website.


Digital Advertising and Signalling

Advertising is a strange beast. It seems that advertising is not just about letting the public know about your product and your brand. It sends a far bigger message that you and the public do not consciously recognise.


8 Problems with Google Advertising

Google advertising is often touted as the easiest way to advertise your business and get instant leads and sales. There are some problems with the concept though.


Lazy Web Developers Could End the World

Does your web development project use node.js? What dependencies are you using? Are you a lazy developer? You could be putting your clients and your company at risk.


13 Reasons Why for Online Marketing

As a marketing person you will know the value of online marketing. But perhaps the powers that be, the decision makers, are stuck in the print age and you need to convince them that online marketing is the way to go. Here are 13 arguments that you can use to get your way.


Web Designer Got “Writer’s” Block? Reboot!

Every creative person has been there, whether you are a web designer or a writer or an artist. We all get our version of writer’s block on occasion. What you need to do is give your creative brain a reboot. The good news is, it takes only 15 minutes!


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