Are You Making These PPC Campaign Errors?

PPC campaigns are a vital part of a company’s digital marketing campaign. The thing is – they must be handled carefully otherwise you can end up spending a lot of money with very little return on investment.


The Dummies Guide to "Article Writers Wanted"

Writing content is a daunting task for those who feel that they are not good with words or those who do not have the time to spend. Your time may be better spent closing sales and reaching out to potential resellers. Whatever the reason, you have decided to place an "article writers wanted" advert. This is the guide to helping you find the best article writer you could possibly want.


The Future of Branding and Graphic Design

I’m sure you’ve noticed that virtual reality headsets are becoming more popular. This is great for games and travel destinations – you can give your client a much better view of your world. But what does it mean for the rest of us?


Warning: You are Losing Money by Not Using the Best Search Engine Optimisation Company

If you have a website, you have received those emails claiming to have examined your website and found it to be lacking in the SEO sphere. You may even have been tempted to reply asking for elaboration or even help. Be warned: if you are not using the best search engine optimisation company you can find you are going to lose money on this particular investment.


Trick Mobile Users into Waiting a Little Longer

It is no secret that people hate waiting and mobile users are the worst of them all. In fact, Google released statistics that show that mobile users will abandon a website that does not load on their screen in 3 seconds or less!


Google’s Ranking Algorithm is Not Racist – I Promise

If you did a search in Google Images or Video for “squatter camps in South Africa” this week you would have been shown a barrage of images depicting white people living in a shanty town. Some studious scrolling would have revealed similar images of black and coloured people. This has led to an outcry on social media, especially in South Africa.


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