How to Build an Empire with a Content Management System

When a business owner starts up their business, they generally have grand ideas about what they can achieve. Something that can help you to achieve those plans is a content management system. So here is a little tongue in cheek piece about how to build an empire with a content management system…


Google Chrome HTTPS Deadline

If you are in internet marketing you know that Google added SSL as a ranking factor quite some time ago. There were rumours and then confirmation that the Google Chrome internet browser was going to start warning users of sites that did not use SSL. Well, it is now happening!


How to Use WordPress - the MacGyver Way

Who remembers MacGyver? The guy who could turn any situation around with just a couple of every day items. WordPress is kind of like the MacGyver of content management systems. You can do some pretty awesome things with just a few tools, if you know what you are doing.


One More Device Web Developers Will Need to Consider

As technology advances, virtual reality headsets are becoming more and more popular. At the moment, these headsets are able to access the web on closed, device specific platforms. Mozilla Firefox is bent on changing this.


How Low Can Internet Marketing Go?

Anyone can get a graphic designer to put together an advert and have that advert plastered all over the newspapers and magazines. You know what that is going to cost and the chances of someone seeing it. You know in advance the circulation of each publication. Internet marketing – that is a slightly more specialist area. The biggest unknown in internet marketing is how low can it actually go?


Which Content Management System Is the Best?

Clients like to have control over the content of their websites. This is why most websites are built on some kind of content management system. Each web developer will have a preference. Some clients will have a preference. But which one is the best?


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