12 Things Spock Would Say About Marketing Strategies

Everyone expounds about the virtues of marketing strategies and what makes one strategy better than another and what a good strategy should include. Have you ever wondered what Spock would say? Here’s what I think…


The Great SEO Argument – Subdomain or Subfolder?

When you are building a website it is possible to put content on either a subdomain or a subfolder within your hosting setup. You could, if you wanted to, put an entire website on each subfolder or you could use an all-in-one approach. The question is, which is better for SEO?


Why SEO Services are Scarier Than Tyra Banks

The worlds of modelling and internet marketing are tough, sometimes cut-throat worlds. In both instances a single slip-up can cost you big. But there is something that makes SEO services scarier than even Tyra Banks.


Boosting Your WordPress Website Speed

With the WordPress website being so very popular it is no wonder that there is a lot of information out there on the internet on how to use WordPress and WordPress best practices. Yet the one complaint that I see most often on sites like is that WordPress is slow.


Why the World Would End Without the Web Design Company

If you take a look at websites like and various other question and answer platforms you will see a number of questions related to whether or not the web design company has a future or not.


Those Delicate Little Flowers – Not

Some people find dealing with creatives like web developers and web designers incredibly difficult. They are afraid of insulting and of the creative getting defensive. Maybe we all need to just grow up a little and say what we mean rather than coat everything in tidy little euphemisms that get nothing done and benefit no one.


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